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Is there no Russian text on your site? It's not a problem!

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Is there no Russian text on your site? It's not a problem!

1. I offer high-quality (manual) translation of the text of the site pages from English into Russian. Without using computer programs!

In addition, I am ready to place high-quality translated content on your site. I have experience working as an editor in the CMS Wordpress web program and Laravel 5 framework.

2. I translate your site and place it on a Russian site (made by me) in the RU zone (example site.RU). The purchase of a site name in the Russian segment can be done by me or by you (at your request). The cost of a site name in the RU zone is the first year - $ 5, the next - $ 15 per year.

After placing the Russian text on the site, I add your site with texts in Russian to the most popular search engine in Russia Yandex - Yandex.ru. Example: When you request in Russian "rent a bike in Phuket" your site with Russian pages will be in HOT10!

**  in Phuket (November 2019), I’m ready to make a video in Russian about your company with a publication on YouTube and then on the site.

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