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But, we didn't have the green thing back in our day...

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9 minutes ago, chickenslegs said:

Firstly, the topic was posted in the "jokes, puzzles and riddles - make my day" section, so not intended to be taken 100% seriously.


Secondly, the OP's age is irrelevant - he was quoting a story about an old lady speaking to a supermarket cashier at an unspecified time.


A light-hearted tale with some truths in it.

 I think the OP posted this to make a point. and  the story  of the old lady was a device to develop the point

I did not see him disagree with the old lady's story so I Thought I would provide an opposing view. 

But if it only a jock, then no need for as to offer our views on the subject 

So Ha ha ha  then. Sorry for the intrusion.

As to the OP's age "She was right -- our generation didn't have the green thing in its day " his age places the "our generation" comment in context 

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And even the music was green, The Beatles only had 30 watt amps to fill Shea Stadium, with music that is far 'greener' than some of the s..t we get pumped at us these days.

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they didnt have the climate death cult back then,

otoh they had the hippies,

i think these plagues will pester mankind for as long as industrialization & subsidies provide resources for it

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