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White House says it will refuse to cooperate with impeachment inquiry

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1 minute ago, chokrai said:

Democrat dirty laundry is coming out impeachment or not.

What is it.

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7 hours ago, Samui Bodoh said:
"...Legal experts said the U.S. Constitution gives the House broad discretion to decide how to conduct an impeachment investigation and that the Supreme Court would not second-guess the procedures Congress adopts.

"They can do the investigation in more or less any order they want," said Frank Bowman, a law professor at the University of Missouri and the author of a book on impeachment..."

It is truly stunning to see the continual breaking of Democratic norms occurring in plain sight. It is even more stunning to see it occurring in silence from the Republican party; the Republican party has run for years on a platform of Rule of Law, Limited Government and respect for Law and Order. In one of history's truly great bouts of cynicism, the Republicans wailed against "Executive Over-Reach" by Obama amid concerns over the "Imperial Presidency", yet somehow don't seem to have a problem with it under Trump.
While the US does have a written constitution, its system of Governance relies heavily on the implied acceptance of many norms to allow it to function and on the parties/congressmen's pledge to enforce them. Sadly those norms, in this case the right of Congress to provide over-sight and to investigate an Administration, are being ignored and the US judiciary does not have the ability to work rapidly enough to meaningfully arbitrate the disputes. Put another way, the Trump policy of stone-walling each and every action by the Congress renders the US system of Government useless on a practical level, thus depriving Americans of the proverbial 'Check and Balances' they they believe they have, and installing an Administration that is De Facto is un-bound and un-checked. Is the US under Trump still Democratic? That should be a ridiculous question, but give it some thought; without oversight...
How does the US deal with this issue? The answer lies with the Republican party in congress stepping up to its constitutional duties and providing a counter-weight to the Trump Administration. However, to date the Republican party has not fulfilled its obligations, but has enabled the shredding of norms in clear contrast to its actions and rhetoric of the Obama years.
The actions of several members of the Republican party in the Nixon years have been called "Profiles in Courage" as members stood to put country over party and did the right thing. The current Republican party, with very few exceptions, is not acting in a similar vein.
It is a violation of the oath taken by Congressmen.
it is a dereliction of duty of the job of a Congressman.
It is a display of weapons-grade hypocrisy.

Hasn't the GOP asked for an impeachment vote in the House, doesn't the GOP have a right to bring in defence witnesses who can be questioned and cross-examined by trained staff, doesn't the house majority want a convincing majority based on "fact" and "truth" to come to a reasonable decision? You've a pretty one-sided view!

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4 minutes ago, chokrai said:

So vote and lets have the trial. Of course that is what the Democrats are afraid of. Scum that they are.

Why? Dont u want an investigation to see if the president is a corrupt traitor? 


Wouldnt you want to know he is a fine upstandng man?

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