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john west

Now UK coming out of EU with no deal. what is going to happen to sterling??

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Hi and  the multi million question.
What is going to happen to Sterling after the UK it seems crashing out of the EU without a deal and most of us have not got a pot of gold.
IMHO I think against the very strong Baht it will weaken further, but who knows and no expert and us ex pats are really struggling and yes indeed the Thais are feeling the pinch as well, well everyone is to be frank.
Even the so called measures by the Treasury of Thailand the other week has it seems no effect whatsoever.
Worrying times for those on frozen state pensions and the very poor exchange rates.
What are your views?

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Just now, petermik said:

I asked this same question to a fortune teller in soi Bukhaow (Pattaya) market the other day and she said (pigeon english of course) initially it will sink to 35 baht but late december will bounce to 40 and continue rising during the course of next year to a high of 54.......with this news I happily gave her a 20 baht tip :clap2:




If she told me that, she would have been rewarded with a 100 Baht note... 😀

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No one can really predict. But likely the market has already priced much of this in. As such, initially there will be a drop but not massive and then a bounce back. How long that will take to bounce back, no one knows. But probably reasonably quickly.


The pound has been between 1.20 and 1.25 USD. Expect that range to narrow but doubt it will go below 1.20; it it does, not for too much time. 


No one knows but I guesstimate is no deal will mean 1.20-1.22 when things settle. After that who knows!

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1 hour ago, BritManToo said:

I don't think it will happen.

There'll be another extension/delay.

Well, the longer the delays, the worse it will be. More time sitting on the fence = more uncertainty, and we should all know that markets don't like uncertainty. 

Deal or no deal, they just need to get on with it now and make a decision.  

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The pound will come back at some point.....the thing is, will it be in 3 months time, 3 years....or longer. 35 baht to the pound by year's end is not out of the question.

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