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Wat Sirindhorn Wararam, Ubon


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Seeking advice on Wat Sirindhorn, Ubon. Could anyone suggest the best route to get there from Bangkok? Any nearby attractions along the path? 


I plan to go there next week and would like to stop half way, probably sisaket or surin. 


Appreciate any advice.

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The fastest route is as good as any IMO. You can map it on Google Maps by inputting Wat Sirindhorn Wararam in the Search Box having opened Google Maps, then click on the "Directions" blue circle and type your bangkok starting point in the "Choose starting point" input box.


the route recommended by Google Maps will be - Highway 1 to Saraburi / Highway 2 to Sikhio District (Nakhon Ratchasima) / Highway 24 - a long 350km 4 lane highway to just north of Det Udom / Highways 2013 & 2213 / 4019 / 2172 / finally 217. Google Maps shows that to be a 9hr 15m & 670 km drive. That's a long day's drive but the roads are quite fast and no significant roadworks at the moment (I travel the full length of this route - in two pieces east and west from my Sisaket province home - quite often, including within the last month).


It's difficult to recommend where you should stop en route as we don't know what you like, but three main points of interest I would mention are:


  1. Khao Yai National Park. Comes a bit early in your trip (roughly 120km from Bangkok) but hugely scenic jungle views from the hills of the national park, nice waterfalls and jungle walks. About 25km off the Highway 2 part of your route. But 400baht entrance fee for falangs so not one for a casual 1 hour dip into
  2. Phanom Rung. Atmospheric early Khmer temple on top of an extinct volcano. Parts are surprisingly well preserved. Right turn roughly 10km past the town of Nang Rong in Buriram province. It's roughly 15 km off the Highway 24 part of your route
  3. Wat Kuat Lahn (1 million bottle temple) in the small town of Khun Hahn. Curious temple with all buildings constructed entirely of glass bottles. Roughly 10km off the Highway 24 part of your route in Sisaket province.

If you are looking for a town to stop & stay in to break up your route into a two day drive then there's not much to choose between Buriram (60% of your journey completed), Surin (70% of your route completed) and Sisaket (80% completed) IMO. All have good value accommodation, a range of restaurants - including falang food ones - and, if you research it, entertainment options. I think all 3 have a Tawaen Daeng (Isaan country music showband dance halls) and are a good bet for a bit of local Isaan culture. All of these towns are roughly 30-40km north of Highway 24 so your onward journey is likely to change to continue your journey the following day using the northern route through Lower Isaan (Buriram to Surin to Sisaket to Ubon to Phibun Mangsahan to Sirindhorn)


There are variants to the fast open highway route I describe if you prefer a bit more scenery or want to avoid well-trafficed major highways. I'll leave others to point those out.



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