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Comparing Philippines and Thailand

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Mugged twice in Manila on short visits, never once anywhere in Thailand in over 30 years.

Vlogging as a job and lifestyle.  Great if you are his age. 

I am at least twice his age, so some places or activities would not be for me. 

Also many popular vloggers never show beggars, mention crime, or any real problems in traveling .

I think they are likely  "priming" the pot with the people in some videos before they start filming also.

Great video though no traveller would be able to see all these things on a 2-4 week holiday, as he said over 2 years travelling to make this one video

Many people watch Youtubers like these because it fulfills their dream of places they cannot afford or have the time to visit.  Great for him and great for the viewers, so win win 

No one reads books anymore, so these videos are the standard in travel guides now I would assume.  

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30 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

As for the OP, I'd suggest Vietnam, as that's where all the young western folk, not interested in prostitution are going now. Much better scenery and places to visit than Thailand or the Philippines.

not for those with specific skin color though

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