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Thailand to demand proof of health insurance for 'risky' long-term visitors

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So when this stupidity and paranoia ends? this government is going from the silly to the ridiculous, let the government tell us how many non-o visa holders have treated in Thai hospitals and didn't ha

This demand for health insurance goes hand in hand with the government demanding hospitals charge expats multiples of what they charge Thais for the same mediocre procedure...   Way to go Th

I do not have a problem requiring visitors to have health insurance; it is simply a good idea.   However, the quote above leaves me speechless. Are there any valid figures to show a lack of

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3 minutes ago, gk10002000 said:

No, there are no numbers that back up the Thai's stated reasons.  yes there are some deadbeat bills out there, but not an enormous amount

How would you know how many skip out on hospital bills?

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1 minute ago, gk10002000 said:

The Thais themselves have posted the numbers in articles on other posts.  It was not that much

I have not seen the numbers.. BUT if they are low, why would the Gov. get so involved and mandate med ins. Doesn't make sense to me...

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7 minutes ago, ChrissUdon said:

And then there's pre-existing conditions which will never be covered. Personally the chances of me needing a long term hospital stay would pretty much be related to pre-existing. 50kbht + pa wasted on a health policy that I couldn't use. If 'risky' persons, of which I'm one, are to foot these so called unpaid bills how about letting me legally pay into the Thai health system as a requirement for my long stay and of course have the use of the service as a Thai.

Why would the Gov cover high risk foreigners?  That would cost them more than thos that are skipping out on the Med Bills...


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