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Thailand to demand proof of health insurance for 'risky' long-term visitors

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1 minute ago, Dukeleto said:

It’s pretty clear to me that someone in government has a stake in the health insurance industry and is simply drumming up business for it. I am 100% sure the majority of the unpaid bills by expats are those of tourists wheeled into emergency unconscious or need of immediate medical attention which then default on payment due to no physical funds or holiday travel insurance. Going to be interesting to see how this plays out for retirees. I’m pretty sure some genius is going to come up with a plan to issue false health insurance to satisfy the requirement. Are they going to set the amount you need to be insured for? Too many questions unanswered.


  They have already set the minimum insurance requirement - 400K THB for inpatient and 40K for outpatient costs.

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So when this stupidity and paranoia ends? this government is going from the silly to the ridiculous, let the government tell us how many non-o visa holders have treated in Thai hospitals and didn't ha

This demand for health insurance goes hand in hand with the government demanding hospitals charge expats multiples of what they charge Thais for the same mediocre procedure...   Way to go Th

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I’ve just renewed my extension... so I’m guessing that I don’t have to show this ( health insurance) on my 90 day reporting , and hopefully when I leave the country and return on my multi entries ? 
I took out a life insurance policy with Bangkok bank 4 years ago 

25,000 a year . And have accident insurance . 
none of these count I guess ..  so it looks like this is my last year 

OR if I use an agent for my extensions , I won’t have to worry about anything, other than the 15-16,000 bht to pay the agent yearly . 

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1 hour ago, ukrules said:

I would be quite happy to see changes in the rules to ensure that Thais pay for any treatment they receive in the UK and don't get free treatment like pretty much everyone else in the world.


I know they pay nothing right now.


I wonder how much free treatment Thais get over in Europe per year and how that figure compares to this paltry sum?

Rules are already in place to require that non UK resident patients, including tourists and visiting expats, requiring non life threatening medical treatment are charged for their treatment by NHS Trusts. Enforcement is of course another issue and varies from Trust to Trust, though a visa national skipping a bill can be refused a further visa until the bill is paid.

You'll be aware that those seeking settlement in the UK have to pay a surcharge of £400 a year to cover any chargeable NHS treatment up until they're given Indefinate Leave to Remain.


Thai people visiting Europe require evidence of medical insurance before a visa is issued.   

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14 minutes ago, Jeffrey346 said:

I think that's a myth. I have only heard of one person who came here specifically for med reasons. How many do you know of??

I only know of one dentistry case. 

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