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Thailand to demand proof of health insurance for 'risky' long-term visitors

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2 minutes ago, theoldgit said:

Rules are already in place to require that non UK resident patients, including tourists and visiting expats, requiring non life threatening medical treatment are charged for their treatment by NHS Trusts. Enforcement is of course another issue and varies from Trust to Trust, though a visa national skipping a bill can be refused a further visa until the bill is paid.

You'll be aware that those seeking settlement in the UK have to pay a surcharge of £400 a year to cover any chargeable NHS treatment up until they're given Indefinate Leave to Remain.


Thai people visiting Europe require evidence of medical insurance before a visa is issued.   

"Leave to Remain".  Sort of sums up the UK right now, huh?

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So when this stupidity and paranoia ends? this government is going from the silly to the ridiculous, let the government tell us how many non-o visa holders have treated in Thai hospitals and didn't ha

This demand for health insurance goes hand in hand with the government demanding hospitals charge expats multiples of what they charge Thais for the same mediocre procedure...   Way to go Th

I do not have a problem requiring visitors to have health insurance; it is simply a good idea.   However, the quote above leaves me speechless. Are there any valid figures to show a lack of

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4 hours ago, Soikhaonoiken said:

Some long stay ex pats will have difficulty in obtaining medical insurance or if they can it will be at a very high price... 

Its near to impossible to find health insurance for over 70. I have sufficient assets to cover any emergency and am not prepared to pay huge.amounts for dodgy insurance .I spend well over 10000 per week in Thai So Im in the risky sector?

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25 minutes ago, steve2112 said:

Compulsory insurance required for retirement visas and renewals from this point

The Health Department Support services boss explained that compulsory health insurance would now be a requirement for new Non Immigrant type O-A visa applications and renewals or extensions of stay. 


from here https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2019/05/14/health-insurance-foreigners-thailand-thai-government-visa-retirement-compulsory-foreign-men/


looks like this may be the last straw for me, i don't want to spend thousands on something i don't need

The link is 5 months old.

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1 hour ago, steve2112 said:

what about if you already have a non O and are going for married or retirement extension, are they going to want to see insurance for that? if so, i think my days here full time are over.

Yeh they are, the noose is tightening !

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Why not allow us to pay into the social security fund then..?


Now the economy is on its feet they don't need the over 50 retirees, everything points at them wanting rid.


I think even if one can afford private health insurance and even if you manage to get through your golden years without pre-existing conditions so not to increase the price with exclusions its the principal of not being allowed to pay to the social fund when others are allowed to that gets to me.



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