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Fishing Park

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Grandkids are staying with us for school holidays. I wanted to take them fishing, and would like to find a fishing park near us.

Saw one TV a while ago, where you can stay overnight in cabins around the fishing pond and they supply bait and tackle as well.

Would like some recommondations around the Mukdahan, Nong Kai, Kalasin, Kong Kaen areas please.


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I went with my son to this one




It's close to Udon Thani, service was so so, I made a reservation and when I showed up there was no one on hand to greet or help us, the owners were gone for the day. Some phone calls were made and we got fishing.

Caught a couple of big fish that made it worthwhile just seeing my son's reaction

Expensive, cost 4000 baht by the end of the day for the two of us and some drinks

Might try it again later on  when it cools down some more

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Wow !! thats more expensive a deal than even in the UK, not surprised they keep a low profile .

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