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4 hours ago, PlastikbinLina said:

Can anyone tell me what's the rule for someone whose legally married Thai wife has passed away and the farang husband's income does not meet the minimum threshold of 800,000 Baht can he apply for an extension based on dependence or must he leave the country.

You can apply for extension based on having a thai child if you have 400K. There is also some consulate that deliver non-o multiple entry without financial proof (HMC, Savannakhet?). You will get better reply by starting a new thread.

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On 10/10/2019 at 9:15 AM, CharlieH said:

Spare a thought for the guy that has to leave. Imagine the pain and suffering he is going through.

He made a life here, has his loved ones here, and through no real fault of his own, the changes in regs, the collapse in currency, unable to work being elderly etc, then forced to go back to a country where he possibly knows no one and has to rely on welfare, say goodbye to everything he knows and has built.


There but for the grace of God .


And for those that can remain, that have that financial security, enjoy it as you don't know what is around the corner and when it might be your turn.


Anyone facing that dreadful reality and those very hard decisions, I wish you all the best.

I know what's around the corner Charlie,i just dont know where the corner is.

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