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Refused Entry in BKK - Second METV - Deported back to London

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Just spent the day conversing with a friend of mine who was in the BKK detention centre all day and night.   He flew in on only his second METV from London and had spent the last 2-3 months

I think the key point which you have mentioned is that he spent 8-9 months of the last year in Thailand, on tourist visas. People have been refused entry after having spent less time in the country. O

The OP to this post is correct. I know this because I AM THE PERSON THIS HAPPENED TO. The OP is a good friend of mine who put this up while I was pretty much on the plane back.   The story;

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5 minutes ago, SteveK said:

It's relevant because not only are the immigration requirements deterring long stay visitors and ex-pats, but making life difficult for companies who want to do business here. Some companies will just decide that it's too much hassle and go elsewhere, taking their money and jobs with them, yet another own-goal for the "Land of Smiles".

It may be irrelevant to you but it is not irrelevant to my question directed at the poster who brought it up.


"Some companies will just decide that it's too much hassle and go elsewhere, taking their money and jobs with them, yet another own-goal for the "Land of Smiles".

Ok, that's your opinion but it's not a fact, unless you can point to a company (just one would do) that has made that decision.

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6 hours ago, nailbrains8 said:

Let's not forget that in order to even be granted an METV you must show 6 months worth of bank statements to prove you can cover you stay... 

I didn't have to show any money, bank statements nor how much I have or I receive, just proof of being in receipt of a state pension. A letter from the pension people is adequate.  I suppose that they can work out how long you've been getting it by your age.

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15 minutes ago, SteveK said:

In the dark ages before the internet, it must have been hard to find out exactly what kinds of charades were going on at an airport halfway round the planet. In the information age, people have something in their pockets which can tell them immigration issues in seconds, so travellers now are much more savvy.

The downside of it though, is that you have plenty of anonymous trolls making up rejection stories on forums, some because they are mentally deranged, and others that may have vested interests, advertising related. Or to influence public opinion.

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"With that history there was always a high risk they wouldn't let you in this time, especially coming in at BKK. There's obviously something pretty wrong with a system that takes money off you for a visa and then doesn't let you in. Did Hull give you any kind of warning that this might happen?"


None at all. I specifically asked about it as well, as it was a concern.


I shall be ringing them on Monday to give me pointers for the way forward. Is a refund available? Can you try again without consequence? will a new passport help? Was I just unlucky? I have a bunch of questions for them quite frankly.


If anybody has any questions, stick them on the thread and i will do my best to ask them

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