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Refused Entry in BKK - Second METV - Deported back to London

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7 hours ago, balo said:

I only carry credit cards and bank statements, never been asked for cash. I do not see any point in carrying a lot of cash in today's digital world. If they ask me I will show them my 4 credit cards that will give me  2 million baht if I need them.  

It might depend on whether you are coming in on a Tourist Visa or Exempt if it is necessary. But you would be a pedant on the way home quite possibly..... People are told to have 20,000 baht or cash equivalent on arrival and if you don't it serves you right if you have problems. Having credit cards, 4 or 44, doesn't demonstrate you have a bean.

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Hey guys, I just got through with no serious issues. They asked for an outbound ticket and I said I got a 6 month METV then they said where I’m staying and I told them at the Muay Thai gym and showed them a letter that the gym made for me. 

lady io gave me a look and just stamped me and off I went.


she did however took the couple ahead of me to a room. Hope they’re okay 

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