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Are Thais reacting to Farang negative attitudes?

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1 minute ago, observer90210 said:

Are farangs now reacting to the obvious discrimination, dual charging, immigration hassles and general discriminatory attitude towards them, from Thai policy makers...would rather be the question IMHO of course.

 Of course they are reacting , there several treads going about this subject, some with over a thousand pages. Are you saying that past attitude were justified because of some of your above gripes, and as such would not garner a negative reaction fro Thais?

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37 minutes ago, observer90210 said:

Who am I to say anything my dear fellow.  Or maybe, tit for tat, lex talioniscause and effect,  may be some  ingredients to ponder or garner ?

You are the one who in your previous response seem to think that it is justified.

The question is not if it is justified. the question is  it prudent

33 minutes ago, TDCNINJA said:

Wouldn't it have much easier for you just to say "I'm tired of all the complaining that farangs do on Thaivisa. They should be more grateful to here. In fact, whenever a Thai flogs then, they should simply say "Thank you, Sir, may I have another."

It would have being much easier not to say anything at all. But should we not consider the possibility. 

So are you also saying that our reaction is justified because pf past perceived "flogs" ?  and a Thai reactions

(if any) are worth it ? 

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3 minutes ago, sirineou said:

Of course they would, they have manners, What would they say to you. "No you suck and deserve anything you get" LOL.

And of course they would say we should be treated with respect,  should we also treat them with the same respect? 

By the way, I think most of as are respectful and that it is a vocal minority who is not, and might be  ruining it for all of as. 

As They also criticizing Thai officials , It is their country, they not only have the right, it is their democratic responsibility to criticize their country. We on the other hand need to be a litle more diplomatic IMO, 

I beg to differ but will keep keep my opinion and you can keep yours..... just one question though, have you ever been illegally harassed/confined by RTP/IMO, if you (unfortunately) did, were you treated in all fairness, respectfully and your rights, as a human being, respected? can you for a moment consider that maybe and I say maybe, some (or many) people here a TV, yes the ones whom may have criticized Thais, maybe they have their reason(s) to do so,  maybe by yours or mine standards they didn't act as we would expected but maybe by their standards they considered it a proper action to take/do....

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