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Mandatory health insurance due for long stay tourists

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Mandatory health insurance due for long stay tourists 

By The Nation



File photo/Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand


Deputy Minister of Public Health Satit Pitutecha said Wednesday (October 9) that the Thai government's long-implemented medical policy for tourists had led to a rise in foreigners seeking medical treatments in the country. 




The Cabinet approved in April a requirement for tourists to be covered by health insurance. The mandatory measure will come into effect on October 31 and the government is now ready to provide the service, he said.


It will be applied to immigrants applying for Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” , who will stay in the country for no more than one year.


The pilot project will also be applied to elderly tourists seeking a longer stay in the country, but no more than a year, he said.


Currently, there are about 80,950 tourists seeking long stay in Thailand and the number is expected to increase. 


Satit said elderly foreigners can acquire insurance coverage from both domestic and international firms, or via www.longstay.tgia.org.


The insured amount for out-patients is set at a minimum of Bt40,000 each, which would rise to at least Bt400,000 each for in-patients.


Should they purchase insurance coverage from international insurance companies, the sum insured must not be less than the minimum amounts required in Thailand, he said.


Satit said 14 private insurance companies in Thailand had joined the project. 


The ministry's Department of Health Service Support will create information and application websites, linked to other organisations' in order to provide a one-stop service for tourists. 


The department will provide all relevant information on line, such as terms, conditions, qualifications, and the benefits of health insurance.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30377292



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-10-11
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So confusing. Apart from the Elite visa the maximum you can apply for is 1 year so this seems to include any type of visa. 

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