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Relatives find man shot dead in his house in Trang


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Relatives find man shot dead in his house in Trang



Picture: Daily News


Huay Yort police in the southern Thai city of Trang found a 51 year old man lying in bed shot in the chest.


Beside him was a 9mm gun. 


They said that Kittiphan had arrived at his house in his sister's car in the morning. He lived alone having no children or a wife.


He wasn't seen all day.


In the evening relatives came by to invite him to have supper. When they called out they got no response.


They found the body inside and called the authorities.


The police said that Kittiphan was a lively man who liked to play with guns. 


They are as yet unsure whether he took his own life or accidentally shot himself. 


Investigations continue. 


Source: Daily News


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