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Vegan, healthy processed food seen as engine for economic growth

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If the vegan food market grows that will be great. Just make sure you mix in lots of meat with it if you don't want to get sick.



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On 10/12/2019 at 10:42 AM, Tayaout said:


He explains better than me. Personally, I feel better on a meat based diet. If you feel better on a plant based or low meat diet then you should not stop. I was vegetarian for 3 years so at least I can say I try many things 🙂


Agreed ! I am a lifelong  animal proteiner . Especially   red  meats.

A friend of  mine who was a staunch vegan for 20 years was eventually advised by his (vegan ) Doctor to eat at least some  fish or chicken because  he was  becoming increasingly unhealthy and constantly prone to infections. The doctor explained that different people have different dietary capacities that a vegan diet is insufficient to cater to.

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