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Alexei Leonov, first human to walk in space, dies at 85

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Hooray to the early great space pioneers, going bravely into the unknown fraught with danger. His airlock was a tiny affair and they had not considered that his suit would expand from pressure. When it did, he calmly faced a life and death decision to get back in.


After several minutes outside, his spacesuit ballooned, making it very difficult for him to maneuver. His crewmate, Pavel Belayev, unable to do anything to assist, Leonov made the decision to release air from his suit in order to be able to re-enter his capsule.

"I decided to drop the pressure inside the suit ... knowing all the while that I would reach the threshold of nitrogen boiling in my blood, but I had no choice,"



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Ahhh but is it really walking when you are just floating around with no gravity. Now moon walking...that's real walking.

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