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Geraniums anyone?

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Anyone know where I can buy some Geraniums in Chiang Mai?


I have searched the big plant market behind Tesco, but not a single one.  Thinking about it, I have never seen one here.  


I thought they would be easy to grown in pots in the sun, because they are drought resistant and like strong sun (I sometimes forget to water my plants lol).



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4 hours ago, el torro said:

I've always assumed that Thailand is way too humid for Geraniums?

I would be growing them under cover on my patio, and also in the house so they would not get too much rain or waterlogged.  


The cool season coming up in CM soon, and then the hot dry season... so humidity should not be a problem?  I mean, cacti grown well here (even have a few myself) and they come from dry places.   In the UK we grown these plants and it rains most days and is humid too.  But, to be honest, I am no plant expert.... so

if I get some it will be an experiment.  

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6 hours ago, cooked said:

Thanks for that link.


I am away next week for a couple weeks, but when I come back I am going to order a few off there.  



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