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Plenty of fake NGK spark plugs on the market....

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   This is a warning for all bike lovers to be careful when shopping for spark plugs. 10 years ago, it was easy to spot a fake NGK Iridium from a real one, but times are obviously changing.


     The joke is that even ebay sellers with a good reputation seem to offer this product and it's getting harder and harder to spot the difference between a fake and a real one.


    The reason to be extremely careful is easy to understand when you hear of victims who bought such fake plugs not knowing that they paid good money for a counterfeit.


It even happened that bigger parts of the spark plug head of the fake NGK, an Iridium BPR 7 EX, fell into the combustion chamber and totally destroyed the piston, the valves, the seats and more.


   Here's a great article how to spot the difference, but it's really difficult to find them these days. I just don't buy from sellers with a negative feedback and when I order plugs, I read the consumer's negative posts carefully.


   Please see: 






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4 minutes ago, canthai55 said:

By locally. Why trust someone you have never met.

Build a relationship with the local distributor, does wonders.

So many foreigners go the online route, then P and M when it all goes south

There's no chance to find a BPR- 7 EIX Iridium for my bike here. I wouldn't mind to pay more, but they just don't exist here.


  It's already hard to find the right ordinary NGK BPR 7 ES. 


  When you see them on ebay for 250 baht, they can't be real ones.

  Yep, you're right, people buy too many things online these days. 


I've bought Chinese stuff, more than 50 % was <deleted>, but I got my money back. They don't wanna lose their "reputation." 


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