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Recycling n-Hexane solvent on site

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There is really no good category on TV for technical questions like this. If someone can think of a better place to put this, please move it.


I am trying to find out anything I can on the Thai rules for recycling hexane solvent on a lab/pilot scale production basis in Thailand.  I will be using a hexane solvent to defat a protein powder, and I would like to find a way to recycle the hexane on site and safely dispose of the lipid contaminants.  I have a limited budget, and while there are solutions for major companies interested in investing millions into a plant, I am looking for a good way to do this as an SME with a micro budget that will still be compliant with all the rules.


Can I import electric distillers or rotary evaporators, and if so, are there any rules against running hexane through it?  I only worry because the same equipment could easily be used to make ethanol, which I know is not allowed.  Does anyone know of a welding shop in Thailand that has experience building a still? It would need to be stainless, because copper is actually soluble in hexane.


I am wondering if there is a better way, or if anyone has ever worked at a Thai SME that had this issue?  I really have almost no experience in this area, so anything may be helpful.


Any thoughts, please let me know. I might be able to pay some consulting fees for the right person.


Thanks for any assistance.


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