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Nearly 200,000 participants in "Taste, Shop, Spend" campaign will lose privileges if not accessed in time

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Nearly 200,000 participants in "Taste, Shop, Spend" campaign will lose privileges if not accessed in time




BANGKOK (NNT) - Though 10 million people have registered for the ’’Taste, Shop, Spend’’ campaign, some who may have failed to get verified earlier might now obtain privileges in place of those who have failed to comply actively within 14 days of the date on which confirmation was sent via SMS.


Krung Thai Bank opened its branches over the weekend to support the verificaiton process for those who registered for the privileges but had been unable to verify themselves via facial recognition technology on the mobile phone applicaiton. Not many people have come to verify themselves in person at the banks due to the long holiday, while some who had earlier registered could not be verified, thus being denied the rights.


Those who have registered and been confirmed are advised to install App Pao Tang in their mobile phone and use the privilege offered in the campaign within 14 days, otherwise the system will return the gifted money to the bank.


According to the Department of the Comptroller General, 199,660 recipients have failed to access the privileges within the given period of time. Participants whose entitlement is still valid are encouraged to use it via "G-Wallet 1" without the need to spend all the given 1,000 baht at once. Besides, "G-Wallet 2" also stipulates use within 14 days, until November 30. About 95,200 stores have already joined the campaign while others may follow suit up until October 15.



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