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Saudi Arabia opens tourist visas to U.S., European visa holders

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what do they shout in a Saudi strip club?- show us yer face 😁

Thanks but no thanks I’ll pass on that one!

And thus another broad, bright, new alternative vista opens for the elderly finding themselves trapped and despised in Thailand on limited income.   Forget about Vietnam and Cambodia. Look w

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4 hours ago, Cryingdick said:


Luckily you are a liberal or  you would be called out on such comments in your last two posts.

I reiterate , I have  - as individual - nothing in common with people who find nothing wrong in public corporal punishments - and it's not just because it's gore.

I reiterate, I have - as individual - nothing in common with people who think the spectacle is so worth watching that foreigners should not miss the chance, and therefore are " pushed to the front rows", and it's not a matter of religion.  

I do not need to be a liberal to consider I have nothing in common with such people . It's the way I consider the human condition.

It's not the punishment in itself - I don't care,  It's the impact it has on the populace and what it reveals of it that I find sub-human. 

I said the same thing when 2 young tourists were atrociously raped and killed and filmed for the occasion - last year in Morocco.    


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Don't let them find a bone saw in your luggage, it might give them ideas.


And for you men don't do the sword dance, it's their way of humiliating you; they've pulled that on at least 2 US presidents.



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