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Surat Thani immigration say "bye" to German on overstay

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7 minutes ago, ThomasThBKK said:

You should preach to the coppers here instead, they are the biggest organized crime syndicate in the world after all. 


And that's also why no one takes people like you serious. 

Okey, they are the biggest crime syndicate in the world. But if they tell you that you have to do something, or that you can´t enter as well as deport you for overstay and ban you. You have to dp like they say and want, right? Thatwhat´s relevant. Not your view of what+s impotant or not. That´s why I don´t see your comment as either serious or relevant. 

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Well done guys. A whole contingent of immigration and tourist police to catch a guy on 14 days overstay. With a bigger contingent you can get those on 1 day overstay. Surely someone must have report

Meanwhile; dangerous Criminals walk the corridors of power in Bangkok !

So many posters make a small thing of this again. trying to put the blame on other people and that it was too many people involved. The thing is that he was breaking the law and they cought him. Good

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3 minutes ago, ukrules said:

Weeks in a prison / IDC for a 14 day overstay, if you can't see what's wrong with that then there's something wrong with you.


This guys journey through the system is only just beginning. By the time he leaves his time 'in the system' will almost certainly greatly exceed his minor overstay.

Something he should have been thinking about before he started to overstay then.


8 minutes ago, Scouse123 said:

Who died and made you GOD?

Nobody, as far as I know.


10 minutes ago, Scouse123 said:



Have you volunteered for the Foreign local Gestapo here yet?


You know,  those guys who feel so inadequate that they have to buy a uniform to walk around with local police free of charge, just so they can look and feel IMPORTANT?


Bit close to the bone?



Why would I do that? Is that mandatory for having an opinion about following thw law? Is it pathetic to follow the law?

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Why are people critical about this, an overstay is an overstay, whether it's one day or 100. Follow the laws, whether you agree with them or not, and there are no issues. If you don't like the laws, <deleted> off and stop agitating the authorities.

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1 minute ago, Isaanbiker said:

Nope. But it's pathetic to be pathetic, roughly speaking. 

That was really off topic. What you quoted was one of my comments about the importance to follow the law. You quoted it´s pathetic. That must mean it´s pathetic to follow the law for you and in your opinion.

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