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Surat Thani immigration say "bye" to German on overstay

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Well done guys. A whole contingent of immigration and tourist police to catch a guy on 14 days overstay. With a bigger contingent you can get those on 1 day overstay. Surely someone must have report

Meanwhile; dangerous Criminals walk the corridors of power in Bangkok !

So many posters make a small thing of this again. trying to put the blame on other people and that it was too many people involved. The thing is that he was breaking the law and they cought him. Good

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11 minutes ago, thaiguzzi said:


Mein Kapitan!

Ich verstehe/unnerstan!

One day overstay = 5 year ban!

Und maybe ze hung, drawn und quartered before ze deport!

Und never Kommen back/zuruck!

Your German is very bad. Yes, 1 day up to 1 year will be ban 5 year if they catch you. Really easy if you care about it.

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could  immigration maybe play this video in the airport departure lounge, that way the world can see what kind of thing goes down well here..




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5 minutes ago, Bangkok Barry said:

Can you imagine any other government organisation in the world posting a cartoon over the face of someone they had arrested. Another example of the Thai five-year old mentality. Pathetic.

So true. It seems they are happy to harm and ridicule foreigners. Absolute pathetic racists !!

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It seems to be a lot of confusion here. Just to clarify for the people that didn´t understand my comment, and are calling me different things.

A person that overstay in Thailand under today temperature in the country must be to stupid to holiday in this country. Therefore he deserves everything that is coming his way.

No sympathy, no compassion and no excuses.

Let´s see if more lunatics are going to bombard me with irrelevant and idiotic things such as that it´s pathetic to follow the law.

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4 hours ago, bluesofa said:

Not forgetting where we are: Perhaps 'buy the rules' for those that have megga money?

I agree. Play by the rules because you are a guest in a foreign country. But are Thais playing by the rules? Overstaying is violating the law. But how about Thais, especially those in uniforms, being massive law violators on daily basis. Just to put into perspective. And why do we need do see a comics style picture? Bad stye.

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7 minutes ago, ukrules said:

Spoken like a true psycho!

Nope, what is psychotic is to not understand the law before writing down another person on Internet with your own name under. That´s psycho.

You will not understand that, though. UK do not rule anything, anymore. Hell, they can not even take themselfs out of Brexit. 🤣

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1 hour ago, Isaanbiker said:

Thank you for your kind words. I can't believe that some people here seem to believe that a 14 day overstay makes anybody to a gangster. 


Didn't we all do mistakes in our lives? I did. 


   What if you've got an accident and can't move, or speak?


    Why are other foreigners the biggest enemies of other foreigners?


  Aren't we all somehow foreign to this country? 



Thais hate foreigners. Bad thing, foreigners hate foreigners too. Poor guy, as a foreigner in Thailand you are not welcome by anyone. Homo homini lupus...

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