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UK Fiancé Visa Application - Overstay in Asian Country

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I have just joined the site in the hope that someone can help with a question I have... I realise that people on the site are not immigration lawyers but would welcome any advice that I can get.

My fiance and I are wanting to make an application for a UK fiance visa but are worried about something. I have read on quite a few websites, that one of the general conditions that will definitely result in a refusal is, You have been notified of a deportation order in your name. It could be just me being stupid but this does not specify if this refers to a deportation order to remove someone from the UK...?! This is critical to our application because she was working in another Asian country around 18 months ago and overstayed by around 3 months. Her and two other friends were caught and sent back to Thailand. Their employer had to pay the overstay fine for them and they were banned from re-entering this country for a year which has now elapsed. She has no criminal record as we have obtained a certificate of good conduct from the Royal Thai Police Special Branch in Bangkok. However, we really need to know if this is going to be a problem or not. Are the Thai immigration bureau separate to the Royal Thai Police..? Could they have a record of her overstay in this other country..? Do the VFS or the assigned case officer run checks that could bring this to light...? It probably all sounds very paranoid but this is our future life together at stake...

She has a new passport now as she lost her 2 previous ones when she moved to a new apartment several months ago and reported this to the Thai Police, so has a paper record of this from them.

Any advice very gratefully received... Thanks in advance!20191014_164321.thumb.jpg.2bdc80686dd099271bf1830f2c0d380d.jpg

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