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Is the Economy now in a Downturn in Chiang Mai?


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My Grab drivers tell me that the economy is heading south.


Also, if you waltz around Chiang Mai, you might see that quite a few restaurants have closed.


But, what of this?


Also, I have heard that some factories are having a hard time.


But, what of this?


What I am wondering is whether or not we are experiencing the effects of a downturn in the economy.


If we are experiencing another minor depression, then how pronounced do you think it might become.


Everytime there is an economic depression, this causes significant hardship for many people.


In my opinion, Trump will be voted in for another 4 years.


And, will Trump's reelection be as good for the world in the next four years as his election, three years ago, has been good for the world during the recent past four years?


And, also, what will Trump's election in 2020 mean for Chiang Mai?


Surely, we do not need to worry about global warming in Chiang Mai. We live far above sea level.   And so, we do not need to worry about Trump's denial of anthropogenic causes of global warming, also.


BUT, can you even imagine another four years of Trump?


Another 4 years of Trump would be like a huge waste of time.


Our Earth is 4.5 billion years old.


And, if Trump had a dollar for each year of our Earth, then he would be worth much more than Forbes says he his.


But, Trump is such a bounder and exaggerator that he can turn water into wine, and we don't know how wealthy he might be.


This is why we are so fortunate to have checks and balances in the American system.


Someday, some people will check out Trump.


And then, they will find that he is full of gold.









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Many people who have researched Trumps finances, including Forbes, have concluded he is worth just over $2 billion, when his massive debt load is factored in. Some have concluded he is worth under a billion. Why do you think he is working so hard to hide his tax returns? 


And he has not been great for the US, or the world economy. He has been great at making the top 10% richer. And decimating the middle class. 


Yes, CM is in a state of decline. As is the entire nation of Thailand, economically, and on a dozen additional levels. The army has been a tragedy for the nation and it's people. Like Trump, they benefit the wealthy and not much else. 

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