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Pick-up driver sought after "brazen" shooting of two "pretties"

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Pick-up driver sought after "brazen" shooting of two "pretties"



Picture: Daily News


Police in Nonthaburi are hunting the driver of a black pick-up after shots were fired at two Thai women described as "pretties".


The chief of the Bang Yai police has described it as a brazen attack. Daily News suggested that the reason they were fired at was that they had put their lights on high beam annoying the other driver.


Yaem and Tan, both aged 22, said they were fired at many times. They had no idea why they were attacked. They had neither cut in front of the other driver nor turned on their lights to high beam. 



Picture: Daily News


It might have been a case of mistaking them for someone else.


They said they had never had a problem with anyone. They provided the Bang Yai police with a bullet lodged in their car and other important evidence such as CCTV footage. 


unnamed (2)(12).jpg

Picture: Naew Na


The incident happened on the Bang Kruay to Sai Noi Road in Nonthaburi, north west of Bangkok in the early hours of Sunday morning. 


The police are confident of a quick arrest, said Daily News. 



Picture: Daily News


Following a two hour questioning of the "pretties" Naew Na quoted the chief of the Bang Yai police Pol Col Suraphot Rotbamrung as saying this was a serious and brazen attack.


He called for anyone who saw the attack or who has information to call 02 595 0318. 


Sources: Daily News | Naew Na




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Maybe i need new glasses, the headline states brazen shooting of 2 pretties, i cant see any pretties in the photos, just 2 plain looking women.🤔

Just keeps getting weirder. Can't they just refer to them as "two women"? Who decides if they are pretty? Do they carry a official Thai card that designates them as pretty? What about i

The term Pretties refers to their job as promotion girls we may know them as models.   

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