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Brexit hangs in the balance as EU doubts a deal this week

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2 hours ago, Apiwan2 said:

They've had three years to sort this out if we were going to leave we would have left.

I still believe Boris Johnson is acting there is no way he's going to leave with no deal , remember he is the epitome of the establishment.

They will keep fudging it until we get fed up and we stay the same.

by the way we need to do something either leave or remain it's all this uncertainty that is killing business and people's lives are being affected.

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Add 37 baht -£1,tighter Thai visa requirements,and compulsory health insurance,can see an exodus from Thailand of ex pats who made the los their retirement home

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17 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

This part:


For how long do you want to keep them? And what do you think will the rest of the world think about the UK if they don't pay according to their agreements?

What agreements?a disputed sum plucked from the air by the eu?

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9 minutes ago, baansgr said:

The whole fiasco viewed from other media sources apart from the Guardian, and especially foreign media outside EU is that Brussels is the problem so no one will look badly at the UK

Fox "News", Twitter, or which media do you have in mind?

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Daniel Boffey in Luxembourg

Tue 15 Oct 2019 11.14 BST


Barnier sets Johnson a midnight deadline for Brexit concessions

Chief negotiator tells EU ministers UK must agree to Irish Sea customs border


Michel Barnier has set Boris Johnson a midnight deadline to concede to EU demands and agree to a customs border in the Irish Sea or be left with nothing to take to the Commons.


According to sources, the EU’s chief negotiator told ministers that, as it stood, there was no prospect of a deal being signed off by leaders at a summit on Thursday, before a special sitting of the UK parliament on Saturday.



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