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Hospitals for retinal surgery

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Will be visiting southern Thailand soon. I am travelling with somebody prone to retinal problems and was wondering if anybody can suggest a hospital in Southern Thailand which can deal with retinal emergencies/detachments should it occur while in country. 


We will be visiting islands around Tarutao National Marine Park and travelling via Hat Yai, Satun Province. 


Looking for some eye hospitals just to be prepared. 


Thank you!


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Prince of Songla University Hospital (Songklanagarind) in Hat Yai is the best facility in the region


Other possibility is Bangkok Hat Yai hospital, an expensive private hospital.  I can't guarantee that opthalmologist would be available 24/7 though.


I don't know what exactly you mean by "prone to" but the islands are quite some distance/travel time away.



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I appreciate the suggestion. 
Individual has had a retinal detachment in one eye in the past and has other risk factors that make them a higher risk. Just wanted to plan in case as it is an acute emergency should it occur. 


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