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Mae Hong Son loop on m-c

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I want to do the loop on a motorcycle later in October. Is anyone interested in joining?

It will require 3 night stops, and the total distance is about 600 km. Slightly bigger bikes will be more comfortable.

If interested please pm me with contact info and we will go from there.

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I would expect that three nights is too long for many. What do you intend to do all day? Two nights are more than enough, even when going with a small bike.

So far i've done a loop there twice, and in both cases i did it in 2 days / one night.

The second time with a big bike i even did some sightseeing to some other locations.


For anybody doing the trip a few interesting places (just copy/paste the location into Google maps) which you might not find in your usual guides:

When you go to this location you will have some quite nice views on the way, and the road is also quite good (Army checkpoint on the way, they inform you to not accidentally enter Myanmar, but you can visit the three Thai villages behind the checkpoint): 19.684484,98.218783


At this location (in Ban Rak Thai, which was mentioned by the poster before already), you can walk inside Myanmar a bit (You are not officially leaving Thailand. Just deposit your passport with the Thai army guys and park your bike there, then you can just walk over. If you buy alcohol or cigarettes on the Myanmar side put them in a bag, the army guys don't want to see it): 19.595145, 97.948347


At this location is a Karen long neck village, they don't have a road there, i would not try to go there with a sports bike (you will encounter an army checkpoint, because close to there is a refugee camp, just turn left before the checkpoint and follow the small road): 19.372049, 97.868279


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Thanks. Again, if people are interested in going let me know.

I will prefer to take 3 nights, Mae Hong Son and Pai are worth a looksee. And there are places near Mae Sariang to visit, if so inclined.


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