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Blue bruce

new prescription

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Hello all, I have been prescribed a new prescription while visiting the U.S. the name is Subvenite. Is this medication available in Thailand. ????  I see on the label it is produced in India, if not how can I obtain refills. Thank you Bruce

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Subvenite  is lamotrignine also known as Lamictal.


Subvenite brand is not availabkle in Thailand. Here there are 2 brands:


  • Lamictal,  a very expensive import
  • Lamoga, a locally made generic equivalent and what you would want to find.

Neither require a prescription but Lamoga may take a bit of effort to find.  The Distributor is F.C.P.

Mailing Address:
45 Moo4,
Klong Udomcholjom,
Muang Chachoengsao, Chachoengsao 24000
tel.png Tel: (+66) 2274 3836
If you can, have a Thai speaker call them and ask for names of pharmacies in your province they have supplied to. 
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