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Deportation for weed possession

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My friend is currently in jail awaiting deportation.


1g of weed found on her, got out on bail. Then she reported to court every 12 days. Now after the final court visit she was fined and put in jail to wait for deportation. They (police and other relevant parties) are saying she could wait in jail for weeks. 


She’s a frail young woman, diagnosed with bipolar disorder and being locked up in a stinky cell is devastating for her emotionally and mentally. 


60000 was asked by people who pull the strings to shorten her waiting time. But even if paid she still has to be locked for at least 3-5 days locally and then further money-push will be required to shorten her stay in Bangkok.


Does it really usually take weeks to get on the plane even though she has money to buy her plane ticket immediately?


Also, is there any way to expedite the process legally because she’s bipolar?


Or appeal the deportation order?


Or at least bail her out while they’re doing the paperwork?


Finally, does one have to go to IDC in Bangkok or can also be deported straight from the local airport?


Thank you. 

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Ah ! so relevant to this post then.

1 gram of weed!  Crime of the century.

Random searches/urine tests of foreigners in the Sukhumwit area (especially around the Asoke intersection area) was very common a few years ago, to the extent this outrage made the international press

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I think wait time at IDC goes from 2-3 weeks to a couple months. It depends how much help you get from outside, how fast your consulate is and that the airline is not reticent to deport a criminal. I would try to deal the "express" service at 10-20K. She will appreciate if you can bring her bottled water and food. 

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41 minutes ago, Tayaout said:

She will appreciate if you can bring her bottled water and food. 

yeah. I like crab fried rice for future reference.


And Purra. 

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1 minute ago, ezzra said:

When dealing with crooked officials one never knows which way the case will swing, this is why it would be prudent to involve a Thai person to act as a go between and as a witness as should things will go sideway, asking the embassy to help is another good idea...

A Thai bloke I know has just paid 220,000bht for either failing a drug test or having some dope, not sure which, to stay out of clink. At the station there were a few others waiting to hand over lots of cash, families cash...

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