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Promoting market competition, reducing monopoly only way to close income gap, study shows

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3 hours ago, jerojero said:

The inequality and social class divide is truly staggering. And yet billionaire Generals and head politicians pontificate deep concern for the masses. Ya right.

Im sure thats why they let the people keep killing themselves on the roads 554 this month alone

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5 hours ago, bluesofa said:

You mean the same as the Asean FTA?

When that came into effect, Thailand had to remove the import duty on Beer Laos. They did remove the import duty - and immediately introducing a 'special tax' on Beer Laos at exactly the same rate the import duty was set at, thus keeping the price exactly the same, while 'complying' with the FTA.


You think a European trade agreement will stop Thailand cheating?

See, that's exactly what i mean.....the Thai will continue to protect their market.

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