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Absolute latest from Immigration on Insurance...

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As of 11am today, from Hatyai Immigration, who in my books are the greatest ,most helpful bunch of People i have ever delt with... UBON JOE is absolutely correct with everything he has stated...F

Oh well, the info i got is there at the start of this Thread....take it or leave it. It may be of use to some members... Just follow Ubon Joe's leads...he has it spot on....  

You didn't ask that question explicitly did you? A yes or no answer will suffice in this case. 

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1 minute ago, Ej2562 said:

Someone, please tell me if the health insurance one has in his home country accept for insurance requirement for Non-imm O-A visa extension?????

There is form on this website to certify foreign insurance companies. I'm sure no one has any idea whether it will work or not. I can only suggest that you not be deterred by the request for director signatures. Just get any two signatures from the insurance company.




You could ask the Consulate you are applying to whether you can do this.


The minimal policies on the website are terrible value. If you want a policy from any of the companies on the website I suggest you call them about a better value more comprehensive policy that will meet the Immigration policy. 


You might also inquire whether your home policy will cover you long term in Thailand. My US policy did not. I purchase a Pacific Cross policy after moving here.

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17 minutes ago, ToddinChonburi said:

And that each immigration office will do what ever they want.

And here lies the problem that no matter what the police rules or laws are it still boils down to how each immigration office or immigration officer interprets the police order and how they want to apply it. Also what happens when the insurance companies decline a claim which is  well known trade mark of insurance companies, could be some interesting times ahead.

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20 hours ago, MJKT2014 said:

Read the police order 548/2562 on the Imm Web site . Clearly states only Non O-A visa applicants need insurance. Extenders don't need once inside Thailand. 

Obviously the Jomtiem immigration office has an other lecture of the police order.

After the 31 october even the extension of stay need insurance if the extension is linked

to an OA visa, even if the OA visa was obtained years ago.

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17 hours ago, Martyp said:

My Pacific Cross agent said they would synchronize their policy dates with Immigration dates and pro-rate the fees accordingly. So it may be possible to work with your insurance company to adjust the dates so that you get your second year. However, it is one more thing you have to do to manage your immigration status.

All this mess is becoming a crazy circus imo

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