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Effort to clamp down on illegal software launched

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copy software used to be my second favorite reason to visit thailand.   it's no longer necessary, i get adobe cc , which suits all my photography needs, for 10 dollars a month.  and i have all the OS i need.  i remember one time in bkk, i was looking for a copy of photoshop, i forget which version.  i saw an "official" copy in a supposedly "official" store for , as i remember, about 600 dollars.  i found it at pantip for 150 baht. less than a mile from the official store. 

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14 hours ago, ChipButty said:

That happened to me the last time I bought a PC 

My computer is over 10 years old, when I bought it it had windows 7 installed, I asked if it was genuine and received the reply, "we don't do that sort of thing" as if it was reprehensible.

To get windows 10 I've been told it shouldn't be installed on my computer which is running on windows 7 I will have to buy a new computer.

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