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Please be gentle! Newbie!! Tambien question

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Hi All

Sorry but I have searched but haven't found anything that matches my question on the forum, so hoping you can help please.

I am Thai by birth and my father is Thai but we have lived in the UK practically my whole life. I need to renew my Thai passport which I foolishly allowed to lapse in 2009. In order to renew it, the Thai embassy in London have said I need to register my name on the House register (Tabien Baan) anywhere in Thailand and then apply for a Thai ID card. A friend has said I can put my name on their house registry. They live in Samut Prakan. Can you please direct me as to where I need to go to do this and what paperwork etc I am required to produce in order to get the Tabien Baan? Do I need to take the person who has allowed me to use their address with me when I register?

thank you very much in advance



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You will have to it at the Amphoe that issued your friends tambien ban,

You will need your Thai birth certificate and possibly your expired Thai passport for identification purposes.

Your friend will need to be with you since they have to give permission for you to be registered in their tambien ban.

The first step they will do is  the process to get you a Thai ID number which can be the most complicated part of doing it.

What will be needed varies from one Amphoe to another.

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