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Salty foods could face tax – but not your crisps


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Only thing left now is the Immigrant Tax Galore (Chinese and ASEAN excluded), which includes very high Taxes on Visa/extentions and on everything western people eat, do, use and 200% Tax on everything in farang and tourist areas on top of the other Taxes. Also if you fail to report where you stay within 15 minutes you'll be fined ฿20,000 + 250% Tax, and a 200% Tax on currency exchange, and a 500% Tax for westerners who get fined ฿100,000 for smoking on beaches.


Ok, it's not that bad but the mindset is the same and if they could, they would.

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6 hours ago, Tayaout said:

Table salt is refined, has anti caking agent and usually iode too. The other salt I mentioned doesn't have anything added and contains trace minerals. But yeah NaCl is salt like H2O is water wether it comes from bottled water or the sewer. 😉

Analysis shows the main content of Himalayan salt to be about 96% sodium chloride, with the remaining content consisting of typical minerals, most in minute quantity.[10][11]

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7 hours ago, justin case said:

anyone ever read on this site what fish sauce, oyster sauce and other thai typical <deleted> junk is ?


msg, salt, sugar



"The tax would apply to frozen and canned foods and instant noodles, but not to snacks, fish and other seasoning sauce or dishes sold by street vendors." 


They target the food industry if I understood it correctly. Snacks seem to be no food. 

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