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The start-up message your disk is full

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Is it a phone, a computer, what? Is is android, Mac or Windows? If Windows it might be because of old updates and backup of pre-old updates. If it Windows, look here. They can tell you in short time what it would take ages to type out. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-properly-remove-windowsold-folder-windows-10


If you have questions after reading that link, be sure to ask here.


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         I assume you are referring to a mac. The reason the warning still appears, is you haven't cleared enough space. Apart from moving unwanted / duplicate files to the trash can, you can clear the temporary cache folder. This folder can become quite large over time.

        Steps to clear the cache is in the link below. Scroll down until the "Erase temporary files" section and follow the steps. You can make a backup of the files if you are worried (but don't forget to delete the backup if everything is ok). I don't bother with a backup when I clear the cache folder, never had a problem.

        Now, one step some people overlook, empty the trash can. and restart your machine. No space will be freed until this is done.

        I hope this helps, Bill.



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