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Jealous step father attacks nursing mother but kills stepson who got in the way

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Jealous step father attacks nursing mother but kills stepson who got in the way



Thai caption: Jealous step-father killed child


A two year old boy is dead after his stepfather attacked his mother with a shovel. 


She had just come out of hospital with their week old child. 


She was trying to get the child to sleep but the woman's new husband thought she was on Facebook to her ex. 


The poor little one got in the way of the savage attack. 


"Kong", 2, died in Soon Udon Thani hospital. He had been transferred there from hospital in Bung Kan. 


Kanjana, 29, went to the Muang Bung Kan police to say that her new husband Narongsak, 27, was responsible for the death of her child. 


She told investigators that on Saturday a party had been arranged to celebrate the birth of a new child seven days ago. She had just got out of hospital. Narongsak was the father of the newborn.


Narongsak was drinking beside the house with his mates and called out to her. 


She didn't hear as she was tired and trying to get the infant to sleep in a hammock. 


Suddenly Narongsak burst in and pulled the plug out from the fan and attacked her. 


He claimed in a jealous rage that she had been chatting with her ex on Facebook. He kicked her in the body three times and her son was caught up in the violence being kicked once. 


Not satisfied with this attack he then picked up an iron shovel and hit her with it three times. As her two year old son tried to cuddle his mother he was hit in the head and knocked unconscious. 


She rushed him to hospital in Bung Kan, a province in the north east of Thailand. He was then transferred to Udon Thani where he died in the afternoon. 


Lt-Col Jaroonsak Phonphuttha of the Muang Bung Kan police got a warrant and arrested Narongsak, reported Sanook. 


He admitted attacking his wife but said that his step son was killed accidentally when he got in the way trying to cuddle his mum. 


Narongsak has been charged with manslaughter, assault occasioning grievous bodily harm and taking Class 1 narcotics. 


He has been detained. 


Source: Sanook


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-10-17
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How tragic, a small boy going to his mum for protection, and his drunken step father bludgens his with a shovel. Sad thing is his mother will probably want to stay with the murdering step father,

R.I.P. Little fella, so sad and a waste of a young life.

The shovel should now be put to good use and bury this detritus 🤔RIP 

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