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Senior army man denies trying to murder "pretties" in their car


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anyone can see that is not him, whats up with you all, ME? i am off to SPECSAVERS he he, what a lying bar steward, and they have <deleted> like him in high ranks.lucky no one killed, like that poor young lad a few days ago .

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2 hours ago, MaxLee said:

Oh, he's from the army,.... well I guess he can bribe his way out sooner or later with brown envelopes....

And/or he believes that because he's army he's entitled to behave any way he wants and non-army underling folks should respect his superior open-ended entitlement without question. 

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2 hours ago, webfact said:

Thaivisa notes that the term "pretty" is a noun in Thailand denoting a lady who works as a hostess or sales representative promoting products. 


It does not necessarily relate to the physical appearance of the female. 


Oh yes, you can be a butt ugly female and still get loads of work in this field. 🙄

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1 hour ago, thequietman said:

Can't believe he didn't say that he sold it to a 'dead friend.' Has worked before. 🙂

That will be next.


The “watch” friend only die after media want to ask him about the watch.


Then he dead.


First story, a friend. 

Second story, dead friend. 


Dead not speak.

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The article (purposefully) avoids important details like was he in the driver of the pickup on the supplied video evidence, was he at the scene, etc.. 


The ownership of the gun is made a big point, while so much other evidence would appear to place him as the shooter anyway. 

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

saying he sold the gun used in the attack to a friend a long time ago. 

Who looks just like him.

" that the army man will try to use his influence to escape responsibility.", what a surprise.

regards worgeordie

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52 minutes ago, seajae said:

well if he fired several shots and only hit the car once he has to be either army or police, they are the really bad shots

Give him a break, it's not easy to drive fast and shoot accurately after 7 beers and 15 whiskeys.

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