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Thirty one teachers injured - driver dead - as bus slams into rear of gas tanker

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Thirty one teachers injured - driver dead - as bus slams into rear of gas tanker



Picture: Daily News


Daily News reported that a large group of teachers from a north eastern university were lucky to escape being burned alive after a bus crashed into the back of a gas tanker in Nakhon Pathom earlier today. 


Kamphaeng Saen police and rescue services responded to a call at daybreak after the accident at a U-turn on the Kamphaeng Saen - Prathaen Road.


Fire services fearing an explosion hosed down the area as fuel gushed out of the back of the tanker. 


Thirty one teachers and educational staff from Rajabhat Mahasarakham University were taken to hospital. 


Rescue services used large axes to break windows to get to the injured. 



Picture: Daily News


The driver from Mahasarakham - named as Sasatra, 42 - was pronounced dead at the scene. 


The teachers were on their way to Kanchanaburi and were mostly asleep at the time of the accident. 


Police think that the driver fell asleep at the wheel or didn't see the tanker as it is a very dark area of road. 


The tanker was stationary at the time preparing to make a U-turn heading for a gas depot. 


Source: Daily News


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12 minutes ago, VocalNeal said:

Gasoline tanker. Not a gas tanker.


Driver RIP.

A collision with a gas tanker could have killed many in the bus. RIP, tired driver and a speedy recovery for the injured ones. 

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