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Thirty one teachers injured - driver dead - as bus slams into rear of gas tanker

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23 hours ago, keith101 said:

 I had a friend tell me he was on a bus in the middle of the day and the driver was asleep and when he mentioned it to a Thai she said its ok not worry about .

And, of course, that really happened.

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Pretty much the reason why so many buses are involved in accidents . I had a friend tell me he was on a bus in the middle of the day and the driver was asleep and when he mentioned it to a Thai she sa

Seeing the  photo with benzene/gasoline/petrol  pouring out the back Id  be nowhere near that bomb waiting to go off. Just more appalling driving from the worst drivers in the world. I like the w

Please, open your eyes!! Don't bury your head in the sand. Same old boring story  - one bit of criticism of a Thai person's aptitude and you dismiss it as even being possible! It is being offered as o

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15 hours ago, Chazar said:

he IS ultimately responsible, if he had a conscience he would  not drive reckon he checked his  tyre pressure before he left? all  lights  working? etc etc not working, refuse to drive and yes LOSE  job, not to worry he lost everything in the end

If the company had put a 12 year old at the wheel would you blame the kid?

The company put that driver there so it is ultimately responsible. Do they require him to do the checks? Do they make sure he is rested sufficiently? Do they sack drivers who say they are too tired to drive safely?

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21 hours ago, Tops said:

Didn't see any. Carrying water / water vapour ???

"Didn't see any what"? I doubt that tankers that usually carry hazardous liquids as per the placard would be loaded with water/water vapour?.There was definitely a liquid leaking from the tank. I'm surprised they didn't pixelate all the blood on the rear of the tank.

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On 10/17/2019 at 4:59 PM, Yinn said:

Read again.

if you sleep when drive a bus you WILL crash. Sure. 


I was talk about the other story who say they have sleeping driver and NOT crash. If you believe is possible, up to you.

i not believe that. Will crash in less 10 second sure. Impossible. 

OK, it sounded like you were quibbling the other point - re: the OP, to me. So you would concede that plenty of crashes happen in Thailand (especially re: buses/minivans) because the driver dozed off at the wheel?

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Varrrr, ... such a danger !!! Going to sleep ! ...  Most of my Extended Family being Truck drivers, or assistants !!! .... and the company charges you for the damage if you survive !!! .. and Passenger Buses would be gong a LOT faster then them !!! ... 

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7 hours ago, ylmiri said:

Is it very expensive to fit couples of large bright lights at back of heavy vehicle!

but more not as expensive as having an idiot driver crashing a bus into a tanker.

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Looking at the image of the back of the tanker, it appears that the drivers should have fastened his seat belt. Then again, looking at the image of the bus, maybe the seat belt's being fastened would not have made a difference. Sleep in Peace now, Kuhn Sasatra. Wish a speedy recovery for the injured passengers.







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On 10/17/2019 at 1:39 PM, Yinn said:

So the bus driver drive the bus sleeping? 


You believe this story? Impossible.

Its called a micro sleep and happens to many long distance drivers , Can last for a split second or many seconds . Many professional drivers suffer from these.

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