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Are you rolling the dice when the embassy has your passport?

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When renewing by mail at the US embassy, you must mail them your original, current passport.


If i were to get stopped by the police and show copies of this passport, and they wanted to see my original passport which was at the embassy being renewed, would I be looking at jail time or is there anything else I could do at that point?

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The chances of been stopped and asked for passport ,are minimal,

for me it was once in 30 years,there was a coup going on ,and a

soldier asked for it,but was reading it upside down,so does that

count, carry copy with you, and if you have other id, driving license,

pink card.

regards worgeordie


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I would keep a copy of the new passport application you mailed in.  That would explain things,... maybe if needed

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Always keep a photo of the relevant pages on your smartphone.

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You are not forced to mail it in. You can still go to the embassy to do the application in person.

Just make copies of your passport photo to and most recent extension or entry stamp. A copy of your application and EMS receipt for mailing it.

I have not seen any reports of anybody having a problem with the police or one being lost since they started allowing mailed in applications a couple of years ago.

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