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Thai child trafficker sentenced to record 374 years in jail


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1 hour ago, kwonitoy said:

After the sentence is served,

If you can't pay the fine cash, its worked off at the amount of 200 baht per day extra time.

So another 20,000 days, or 54.8 years

Which was my meaning.. the victims get no compensation.

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9 hours ago, webfact said:

courts capped the imprisonment period at 50 years in accordance with Thai law.


5 hours ago, legend49 said:

Ridiculous the sentence handed out. No one can serve 374 years, why not just say life imprisonment and never to be pardoned. 

As the OP so clearly pointed out, no one is expected to serve 374 years.

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5 hours ago, LukKrueng said:

If the max imprisonment period is 50 years what's the point of any sentencing longer than that??  

It's a nominal sentence, he gets sentenced for each offence.  So if he's charged with, say, 3 offences each, against 10 children, that amounts to 30 individual cases that could be sentenced for, subject to the legally allowed maximum.

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And HOW can he ever be expected to compensate victims ?? 

What a SPOOF sentance


i think Castration and 

And a torture session for each month the Outstanding Compensation is unpaid

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18 minutes ago, dave moir said:

How ridiculous can you get!!!! No one is going to live that long so why don't they just say life instead of a whopping 374 years?

It's no more ridiculous than every other country that has similar systems that impose long sentences, including yours.

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