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Trump to host G7 summit at his Florida golf resort, sparking criticism

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4 minutes ago, observer90210 said:

The "in my great wisdom" part is almost jestfully funny....what is of concern and very irritating,  is the threat to destroy a country's economy.

America's or Turkey's? 

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It just doesn't stop. Every day, every week, for year after year, now. Lowlife president surrounded by lowlife family, advisers, staff, and appointees.

You just can’t make this stuff up!another impeachable offense do any of the republicans have a spine?mitt does at least one does

What a wuss. Giving in to “crazed and irrational hostility.” What’s he gonna do next, abandon an entire people to ethnic cleansing just because a crazed and irrational leader screamed at him over the

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3 minutes ago, zydeco said:

America's or Turkey's? 

well as it was in what you quoted that was a trump statement, refering to Turkey,  so I may conclude to answer you......Turkey's.

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Nothing will come of any of this, and he knows it. 

I hate the GOP because they're evil, the worst thing they do (politically speaking) is trying to get less people to vote: they know the lower the number of people who vote the better the chance they have of winning.  This is not an opinion, look it up.  IMO this shakes the foundation of the country.  Their corruption ($$$/influence) outdoes any other party nationally.

I side with the Dems because they support (in words at least) some of the causes I do.  I hate them because they are inept, lazy and cowardly, and yes, I strongly expect that when it comes to corporate influence some of them may as well be Republicans.  I dare not name the ones I suspect in this forum.  They let the GOP walk all over them, e.g. where the hell were they when the GOP was doing nationwide gerrymandering? 

But I hate them the way I'd hate a relative, in that once the other side attacks them I will defend.


With this in mind, I think DT is going to survive all that is being revealed and be re-elected in another corrupt election.  Possibly for more than a second term.  Not possible you say?  Well, who will stop him, the Democrats?  :cheesy:


I hope I'm wrong.



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2 hours ago, JHolmesJr said:

I don't think he's going to choose the Marriott or Hyatt now, do you?


A venue rife with potential security loopholes....all we need are a few disgruntled

democrat or intelligence officials to bug the place or worse.


I'm quite ok with the present venue. I don't think he would have picked it

if he didn't know for sure that it was ok. The president gets to pick...the fact that

it will be 'at cost' seems fair as well. Nadler and his accountants will probably demand to see

the paperwork and get it as well.


If the Dems don't like it, they should file a suit.

"Trump’s To Hold G7 At His Golf Club That Was Sued For Bedbugs"

According to the plaintiff in the lawsuit, which Trump settled, Doral is the perfect place if you want to launch a global outbreak of bedbugs.

trump bedbugs doral G7

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21 hours ago, webfact said:

U.S. President Donald Trump will host next year's Group of Seven economic summit of leaders of developed nations at his Florida golf resort,

No conflict of interest here!  Maybe a bit of personal gain for the 'family'.

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12 hours ago, Grumpy John said:

I like President Trump.  He iS a doer....a mover and shaker, he gets things done.  So different to the evil scum on the other side.  Looking forward to his second term in office with the Republicans back in charge of the house.  

2019-10-18 21_00_27.png

Feel free to list what hes done.


can start with repeal and replace on day 1.

then perhaps the wall mexico is paying for.


but i will grant you, he certainly has turkey and the kurds moving and shaking.

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So nobody thinks that Trump expected the Dem outrage over this?

And did it anyway. He's the best at trolling these guys, he's in their

head 24/7


Probably a good strategy to get the Dems to open another investigation.

Because that's all they ever do. Genius!

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41 minutes ago, bristolboy said:

"I don't think he's going to choose the Marriott or Hyatt now, do you?"

Because the only other options are those? It's a shame that there's such a shortage of luxury venues in the USA...it being such an impoverished nation.


"I'm quite ok with the present venue. I don't think he would have picked it if he didn't know for sure that it was ok."

Because if there's one thing we know about Trump, it's that he has an unusual command of the facts and a profound understanding of legal issues.


"...the fact that it will be 'at cost' seems fair as well."

So, it's a "fact" that it will be at cost? Is this the generally understood meaning of fact or is it a special Trump fact? Like the apparently incompatible facts that Trump reports to the tax authorities vs. the facts he reports to lenders? And of course, it being a very slow time of the year, will "at cost" mean how much he would have lost had there been no meeting? Or will the payments help to cover fixed costs like labor that would have had to be paid anyway?


If the Dems don't like it, they should file a suit.

Because it's only Democrats who take the emolument clause of the Constitution seriously?


To add it will mean many millions of dollars of FREE PUBLICITY for his "resort" as well. That's real money. This choice is obscene. 

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