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PLEASE TELL ME: Why, Oh, Why...Do I have ZERO Complaints about Living in Chiang Mai?

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Not unlike me, many residents of Chiang Mai have lived in foreign climes.  And so, they know that by comparison, Chiang Mai has very few negative aspects that we can think of.


For example, let's just pick two cities at random:


Naples, Florida, USA

Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia (on the Persian Gulf)


As you know, Naples was built by American developers.  And, Ras Tanura was built by ARAMCO.


Having been in both places, I would say that both places are very similar in that they lack any identifiable traditional culture of any value, other than sand, and more sand.


Chiang Mai, on the other hand, definitely does have a culture which has endured for hundreds of years.


And so, if one is someone like I, who prefers culture over sand, then Chiang Mai is far preferable. 


The beaches on Ras Tanura are overrated, just as the bathing beauties in Naples are far too plump.


And so, I would prefer to be in Chiang Mai where no one walks around in bathing attire.


All I can definitely say is that we can all thank our lucky stars that we are here in Chiang Mai, and not in Naples, Florida or in Ras Tanura.


No need to take my word for it.


Please feel free to visit these other two cities and decide for yourselves.







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3 minutes ago, Doge said:

Great that you enjoy it. Appears even you are shocked. Not surprised it's a forgotten backwater that lives on by a few old temples and a tired tourist destination. Hot, smoky and dull. The best university it musters is CM. Teaching positions pay half that in Bangkok. It's 1000s of km away from the OCEAN. Property values are more askew than BKK.


I don't know why you like it, you do. Simple tastes, low expectations? The comfort in unsophisticated people?

Yes, your are correct.  This is why we love Chiang Mai.

And, this is why we will never leave.


Of course, I have very high expectations, and, fortunately, Chiang Mai has med every one.

This is why I have ZERO complaints about Chiang Mai, as I clearly stated above.

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At this time, I would like to mention that this is a matter of taste.


Those with good taste will know that what I have stated above is true.


And those with different tastes will disagree.


Still, all are welcome in Chiang Mai because....very fortunately.....Chiang Mai is a city which is located at a central geographical position where many countries would meet, if they could.  Chiang Mai is at the center, and everybody knows it.


Chiang Mai is a great city.

I am sure that most people love it as do I.


And, I DO love it.

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