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Survey: Thais are short of money - and it's worse than Indonesia!

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Survey: Thais are short of money - and it's worse than Indonesia!



Caption: Thais' money trouble are a source of concern


A survey conducted by Gobear, the insurance and financial services company, has said that half of all Thais are only surviving on a month to month basis.


In some age groups more than half only have just enough money to cover expenses. 


While a quarter of people say they are short of money - this is worse than other countries in the region, notably Indonesia said Sanook. 


In the 18-65 age range 49.8% of Thais live from month to month. 


It's worse when the age ranges are narrowed down. In the 36-45 age range it's 53% and 51% in both the 56-65 and 26-35 ranges. 


A total of 25% said they suffered money shortfalls each month. 


And 15% have absolutely no savings in the event they lose their jobs. 


Sanook called the findings a worry. 


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-10-19
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