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I don't really care if everybody around me is on 'easy street', as I will be there too, unfortunately we will still have the inconvenience of harvesting the rice crop, and other menial tasks, to help us along, but it will be fun 😃


I know people who have worked at companies for 30 or 40 years, feel they have made friends and been useful. Once they step out of the door nobody is interested or contacts them. 30 or 40 years of pure illusion - then what? a burst of reality in Thailand because everybody does not need to be over polite or be their 'friend'

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its going to take an awful lot of time for surrounding

nations to semi catch up, and for sure im going to be dead

if and when cambodia ever catches up somewhat.

agree thai economy is doing exceptionally well,

its overall not cheaper here then home now.

still warm here tho, and i find thais as social and easy going as ever, but have to note with displeasure

that the young A rated lasses doesnt even register me

on their radar

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5 hours ago, swissie said:

"long-term Farangs" have become "unnecessary" (financially and otherwise).

And why were we "necessary" 20 - 40 years ago?  As teachers? Bar owners? 

I believe tourism has always been more "necessary" to Thailand as it is in most countries.

Again, tourism accounts for around 12% of GDP, expats around 0.02% GDP  

4 hours ago, Isaanbiker said:

Seventeen years ago, my ex-neighbor, a now-retired female teacher who calls me her younger brother, was glad to see foreigners and have a chat with them. 

Have become acquainted with many interesting foreigners living at our condo complex during the last year. (Newbie, I know)  They all seem positive, friendly, and well adjusted. 

3 hours ago, Samui Bodoh said:

Thailand is developing with massive, massive inequality, and someone needs to be blamed for that. And, as seen in time immemorial, it is always the "Other".

According to an online search, Thailand is not among the top 15 countries with the greatest gaps between rich and poor.  But i agree the number of poor are likely growing in LOS, but is also occurring globally.

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