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Terror at 33,000ft: Four arrested on Phuket bound ’flight from hell’, one man wrapped in cling film

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So here is the question..MANY passengers - no matter what the ethnicity have imbibed a bit too much. Problem? Imbibing and having the "normal" reaction by NOT creating or stirring any controversy obviously is the problem here. Drink and not be an <deleted>, but when you lose that boundary, then obviously you're gone. Very simple to me.If you can't control your liquor, then whether on a plane (which is more dangerous) OR simply creating drama, then it's time to step back...that's assuming you can remember any of it:)


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2 hours ago, Tayaout said:

Quality tourist coming to Phuket! 

uhhh not only russian


15 yr ago on air ruope flight from spain to bkk , fighting of 5 spanish

20yr ago  on alitalia flight , a druged guy makes all flight problem, when nearly landed in rom ,he was boxing the steward lady down and than ( low alitude) he opend emergency door and jumped to dead


dont wory!! doors can only be opend  at ground or at low alitude/speed druing landing.cant be opend at 33.000ft


... so not only russian happen on uk and us planes and all others daily routine

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